Sunday, January 3, 2010

My BlogFest Post

Well, I have decided to try the Blogger software and see if it contains any new features that the site doesn't have.

What I want to achieve in these three weeks is
  • a better focus on the purpose and audience for my company blogs.
  • a sharp, succinct and regular blog entry derived from interesting sources of information
  • better use of media technologies that enhance the user experience.
  • ability to provide multiple channels to increase reach including usage of Twitter, Facebook, Delicious etc.
Whilst I leave comments on other blog sites, I don't make an effort unless it evokes a strong reaction from me, so generally, you need to be provocative, wrong, or funny. Be brave. I often respond to people's comments on my blog as given they have taken the time to do so, they deserve a reply.

I am just testing the link to a youtube video. This was a talk from Obama's Secretary of Education. Interesting to note his emphasis on innovation.

Arne Duncan's Big Ideas Fest Welcome from ISKME's Big Ideas Fest on Vimeo.