Sunday, January 3, 2010

My BlogFest Post

Well, I have decided to try the Blogger software and see if it contains any new features that the site doesn't have.

What I want to achieve in these three weeks is
  • a better focus on the purpose and audience for my company blogs.
  • a sharp, succinct and regular blog entry derived from interesting sources of information
  • better use of media technologies that enhance the user experience.
  • ability to provide multiple channels to increase reach including usage of Twitter, Facebook, Delicious etc.
Whilst I leave comments on other blog sites, I don't make an effort unless it evokes a strong reaction from me, so generally, you need to be provocative, wrong, or funny. Be brave. I often respond to people's comments on my blog as given they have taken the time to do so, they deserve a reply.

I am just testing the link to a youtube video. This was a talk from Obama's Secretary of Education. Interesting to note his emphasis on innovation.

Arne Duncan's Big Ideas Fest Welcome from ISKME's Big Ideas Fest on Vimeo.



  1. I hope you enjoy the experience Garry and I'll try to be brave!

  2. I'm a bit ambivalent about whether I think the solution is to increase the number of high school graduates. Are we saying that is a benchmark for functional numeracy and literacy. There are an awful lot of low level jobs but you don't need a high school certificate to do many of them.
    The other thing that I feel comes into the US push to raise educational levels is a level of xenophobia/patriotism. There is a competitive urge to be number 1 - to be "the best".

  3. You're always brave in this arena!!
    I get the sense that many conutries (eg South Korea) and others want to be number one. Look at all the fuss when the PISA results come out. And yet, we all know that PISA measures a small percent of what value schools put into the education of young people....and as we know they do learn outside of the school environment as well.

  4. And Diana Oblinger says that 'Undergraduates spend only 7.7% of their time in formal learning environments.' This is from a speech she did to the Open University in Japan in October last year. My comments are at